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Raymond Mays Middle School Region 12 Grant Recipient

Posted Date: 03/23/2024

Raymond Mays Middle School Region 12 Grant Recipient

Raymond Mays Middle School was surprised by the Education Service Center Region 12 Technology Foundation with a $2,849 grant. Principal Michelle Jolliff was one of nine Region 12 educators who received grant funds this week. The grant will focus on strengthening students’ knowledge in math and science through the use of a Merge Cube. 

“Merge Cubes will allow us to bring high-end virtual reality learning to more students without expensive equipment that only a few students actually get to experience. Through the use of an app and a Chromebook, the Merge cube will enable the students not only to see but to experience a complex concept and manipulate it by turning the cube.” Principal Jolliff shared. 


Principal Jolliff stated, “Building the class around new technology and with a focus on strengthening our students' knowledge in the areas of math and science is challenging. Recent research has discovered that people learn better through virtual, immersive environments by enhancing learning and recall through the use of the body's overall movement and position.”


We are thrilled and expectant as these innovative classroom technologies continue to support and encourage student success here at Troy ISD, the educational center for excellence in learning.