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Troy ISD Board of Trustees

Gary McMurtry – President

Becky Maks – Vice-President

Carrie Trees – Secretary

Jennine Jarolik – Member

Jon Gersbach – Member 

Thomas Valle – Member

Bill Negron – Member

What is the role of the school board? 

The seven-members of the Troy ISD Board of Trustees are the district’s policy-making body. The board works closely with the superintendent and administrative staff to determine the direction of the school district. The board’s focus is on the education and well-being of all students in Troy ISD. The board’s seven trustees serve three-year terms. Elections are held annually as the terms of the members are staggered so that at least two positions are up for election each year. Elections are held in May on the uniform election date. The board’s responsibilities include hiring and evaluating the superintendent, approving the district’s budget and associated tax rates, and working with the superintendent to adopt policy.  

When does the board meet?

Regular meetings of the board are held on the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Troy ISD Administration Building located at #1 Trojan Rd, Troy, TX 76579. Special meetings and workshops are scheduled as needed and are posted on the website and at the Administration Building. 

How can a citizen address the board?

Those wishing to address the board may do so by signing up prior to the meeting on a form provided by the board. No presentation shall exceed three minutes unless approved by the presiding officer. Unless the item presented is on the meeting agenda, the board cannot discuss or consider the item until such time as the item is placed on an agenda for a future meeting and is posted according to the Texas Open Meetings Act.