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Emergency Communications/Delays/Closures

Snow Icon Troy ISD will use multiple means to communicate with parents in an emergency situation. It is important for parents and caregivers to maintain accurate and up-to-date information in our student information system so that communications are received. To ensure your contact information is correct, log into the Parent Portal.  If an emergency arises, messages will be sent by email, text message, or phone call. For weather delays or closures, consult the Troy ISD website and/or local media outlets: KWTX 10, KCEN 6, and KXXV 25.

Why not just close schools in anticipation of inclement weather? 

Delaying the start of or closing schools is a complex process requiring careful consideration. An interruption of the expected school schedule means students will lose instructional time as well as access to the other services they receive at school. In addition, many students could be left at home unattended if their parents' place of work remains open. Sometimes school may be delayed or closed in anticipation of inclement weather, but other times it is appropriate to wait and see if bad weather actually occurs before making any decisions. 

How do we decide to delay or close schools due to weather?

Our first priority is safety, particularly when it comes to road conditions. If weather conditions are a concern, local roads will be driven by staff during the early morning hours. The superintendent and other school district officials will evaluate road conditions while consulting with police, neighboring districts, and weather forecasts. Roads must be safe not only for buses, but also for all those driving to and from our campuses. If we determine that roads may be dangerous, a delay or closure will be called. 

What about extracurricular activities? 

Athletic, fine arts, FFA, or other extracurricular events could also be affected by weather, but differently than the regular school day. Your coach, director, or sponsor will communicate with team members, typically through the Remind system. 

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