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Students Prepare for their Future through CTE

Posted Date: 02/12/2024

Students Prepare for their Future through CTE

For some students the idea of “what’s next” after graduation can be a daunting prospect. A question they try to avoid, a conversation that's off the table. However, for Junior, Isabella Garcia that’s not the case. She knows she's being well equipped to teach the next generation of students.

Isabella is part of our “Ready, Set, Teach/ PALS” Career & Technical Education (CTE) program. 

The program is geared to help develop future educators. The program provides students a background knowledge of child and adolescent development principles as well as principles of effective teaching. She along with other juniors and seniors shadow current educators within the district to get a better understanding of best practices and daily routines. 


Garcia shared that she’s always liked working with kids and knew she wanted to teach. She recalls playing school when she was little and making her little sister act as her student. “She would have to sit through my class and I would teach her,”  Isabella said.

“I really like setting an example for kids. I have had some teachers in the past that I still remember. Teachers like Ms. Millerd…  I want to be that teacher for someone.”

 Isabella shared that she learned about the program through the yearbook and stated, “I started as early as I could making sure I was taking the right classes. I just really like working with kids and knew the program would help me see if this is really what I want to do.  Mrs. Mahlock puts us in real-life scenarios as best as she can. She prepares us by creating mock parent conferences and having to respond to emails in a professional manner. Through the Peer Assistance Leadership and Service/ PALS program, we go to another campus and watch a teacher as they teach. We have to bring back observations every week to share what we learned and what they’re doing in the classroom.”

Garcia just verbally committed to Temple College sharing she is going to play softball and continue with their education pathway.


Photos below: At Raymond Mays Middle School Garcia shadows Coach Fricke learning and putting into practice what she’s learning in the classroom. Bottom photo: Garcia working with students.

Coach Fricke

Isabella with student

She’s one of the many reasons we celebrate our CTE programs, helping students celebrate today by owning tomorrow!